Q: hey, im having trouble with tumblr on ubuntu 12.04 LTS. i cant use any of the tumblr shortcuts for rebloging such as alt-click or shift-r. this is really unusual because the other ones like j, k, l, r, all work but not the alt/shift ones, any fix?

It sounds like they’re not working because the ALT / Shift buttons are probably being used for keyboard shortcuts in Ubuntu itself.

Maybe you should try checking out keyboard shortcuts in the setting and make changes there, see what that does?

Also, Ubuntuhelp has been out of commission for a while. Check out http://fuckyeahubuntu.tumblr.com for your needs.


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hey guys! I’m finally back. I have moved my blog so please go to http://h4ckr.info and follow me on there. I will keep posting about Ubuntu on there.

Laggy Graphics in Ubuntu with NVIDIA and no-boot past GDM fix.

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I’m running Ubuntu 10.10 on a Dell XPS, and a NVIDIA graphic card. Everything works perfectly fine, right out of the box, the wireless and the graphics. My only complaint however, is that the graphics are a bit laggy when running compiz.

A google search later, I found this article/how-to on OMGUbuntu (one of my favorite websites for ubuntu news.)

Follow the links and you should get to the guide to installing beta NVIDIA drivers on your Ubuntu 10.10 installation. According to OMGUbuntu, this fixes the problem completely. I’m giving it a go right now by downloading the 64bit version of the drivers. Let’s see how this goes.

PS: There were two options, the second one being “no-compat-32.” I opted to go with the other one, which was also larger in file size. 

UPDATE: Everything went to hell. I would get to the GDM screen after reboot, but nothing after that. Had to restart several times, wait several minutes, boot in recovery and go back to the default graphics configuration. My guess is the xorg file did not update, like the guide so severaly specified to do. The installation never asked me if I wanted to replace and/or update any xorg file!! Bullocks. Guess I’ll just wait until this is out of beta.

UPDATE 2: I tried installing the beta drivers for NVIDIA on my Dell XPS, and much to my horror - after the installation, ubuntu wouldn’t boot past GDM: [previous post]

After going through the guide at OMGUbuntu [link] I found out from other sources that I had to run a few extra steps, that I didn’t because the OMGubuntu guide didn’t mention them. And so I couldn’t get past the GDM screen!

I ran the following commands in recovery mode terminal:

The official NVIDIA on Ubuntu page suggested I remove an opensource 3rd party driver already installed:

sudo apt-get —purge remove xserver-xorg-video-nouveau

After that, the xorg file seemed to have been messed up, for which I did:

sudo nvidia-xconfig

This is the most important part!! The beta drivers might not update/reconfigure your xerver/xorg file which is necessary to do for the operating system to pick up and start working with the new drivers at reboot!! Run this command right after installing the drivers, or if it’s too late - boot into recovery mode and run it.

And voila’, I’m typing this back into my Ubuntu, and it’s running better than ever! No Lag!

Download YouTube videos in Linux-Ubuntu without any dedicated application

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How to download YouTube videos in Ubuntu is probably among the first things a newbie Ubuntu user will ask for. There are simply a number of application to do the same, but there is an even better way. Downloading YouTube videos is Ubuntu is not the right keyword, you can actually copy-paste the YouTube video. As simple as that. Lets see how.

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Three Awesome Ubuntu Indicators

Today I’m going to show you some of my favorite indicators for ubuntu. These are all of the little helpful things that are in your top menu bar.

Make a FreeNAS USB Drive

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Today I decided to make a FreeNAS drive with a spare computer I have lying around. I only use Ubuntu and Mac so I needed a way to write it without their windows-only crap. After a bit of searching I found a simple terminal command to write it to a usb drive.

gunzip -c <path>/FreeNAS-amd64-embedded-xxx.img | dd of=/dev/sdi

A way to make it simpler would be to rename it nas.img then move it to your desktop and just use cd Desktop and replace the long name with that.

Should We Get a Domain?

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I have been thinking about getting a real .com domain. Would you guys like this? If we got one would you want us to stay with tumblr or switch to wordpress? What do you think?

How to Install Ubuntu on Most Android Phones

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This little tip will work with most android phones but is meant to be used with the droid incredible. The first thing you need to do is download this zip file with all of the stuff you need: Download. After that you need to extract the zip. Once finished put kupdate-signed.zip onto your sd card. Now reboot into clockwork mod recovery and install that zip from the sd card. You need to do this because most kernels don’t support loopback devices. Now put the rest of the files inside a folder called ubuntu on the root of your sd card. Search the market for “terminal” and install the free one. Now open it up and type in theses two commands.

  1. su
  2. run “sh /sdcard/ubuntu/ubuntu.sh”

Now you should see root@localhost, this means it is working! You now have access to ubuntu from the command line. I’m sure that most of you want to actually use it from the GUI so this is what you need to do now. Search for androidVNC and install it from the market. Now go back to the terminal and enter these commands to get the server running.

  1. apt-get update
  2. apt-get install tightvncserver
  3. apt-get install lxde
  4. vncserver

Now you can open up androidVNC and connect to localhost on port 5901. Have fun messing around with ubuntu on your phone!

My Tech Repository: Question: Is there a way i can create dialog boxes in Gnome from the Bash Shell?


While programming in bash is great, if you want to generate user friendly messages, choice boxes of input boxes doing so from the bash command line is a bit messy looking for users.

However there is a great linux bash command called Zenity

Zenity is a tool that help you to create a common…


This Ubuntu Software Centre mock-up is bright but bold

DeviantArtist Musl1m has mocked up his idea of how the Ubuntu Software Centre should look as it evolves its ever-growing feature set.

(vía OMG! Ubuntu!)